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Car & Trailer

B & E 
B&E training and licence is required if you obtained your car licence after January 1997 you will need to pass a B+E test to entitle you to drive a car and trailer over 750kilos. You do not need to take a medical or theory test for the B&E category, but you will need to book an assessment drive with us to determine how much training you will need before you take your B&E test.

Caravans, Horseboxes, Trailers

SDF can take you step by step through the correct procedures as part of your B&E training to make you feel more confident, assured and relaxed when towing, parking and manoeuvring your trailer. B&E Training at client’s premises or at SDF site. Full day, half day and hourly sessions available.

B&E Training at SDF

SDF highly recommend The Essential Towing Handbook published by the Police Foundation.

Contact Us today to book your B+E training!