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Rigid & Articulated - SDF ltd

Rigid & Articulated

Rigid & Articulated training is one of our most popular courses with an extremely high success rate.

Specialized Driving Force offer training for Category C (All Rigid vehicles) up to 33ton Gross Vehicle Weight

Rigid & Articulated Training

And Category C+E (Articulated vehicle)

Rigid & Articulated Training

Before your LGV training can commence you will need to pass a Medical Examination and obtain a Provisional Driving Licence. You can download the medical form, D4 by Clicking Here! You can also order the D2 form by Clicking Here! You will need  to complete both forms and take them with you to the doctors when you go for your medical examination.

Download our ‘Step by step guide and Prices‘ which shows you the process to gain a license.

Our designated practitioner is: The Crawley Clinic, 16A Brighton Road, Southgate, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 6AA. Tel: 01293 538538  They will charge £47 cash, this may be considerably more at you own GP.

It could take up to 10 working days before you receive your Provisional licence in the post.

Before you start the course you will also need to pass your Module 1 –Theory and hazard perception, and your Module 2 – CPC Case study tests. Both these tests are conducted at the DSA  Test Centre. We can arrange all the modules for you, including booking your tests.

Once you have completed these courses you will need to contact us and we can arrange an Assessment Drive to determine the minimum number of days training you will require to carry out your Module 3 Practical test.


Driver CPC – Who needs it?

If you passed your CAR test AFTER January 1997, and will be using your licence for work, you will need to take the Driver CPC.

This is as a change in legislation which took place in September 2009. If you passed your CAR test BEFORE January 1997, and have a C1 OR 7.5 ton entitlement on your licence, you do NOT need to take the Driver CPC initial qualification.

Driver CPC Initial Qualification consists of two parts,
Module 2 and Module 4.

Module 4 is a practical demonstration test which lasts approximately 30 minutes. It involves walking around a stationary vehicle with the examiner and demonstrating that you can complete several crucial checks. This is usually conducted after you have passed your practical test or during your training